Mar. 3rd, 2010


Mar. 3rd, 2010 06:40 pm
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For how long?
Maybe until early APRIL. Might be extended, but it would be depend on how busy I would be on Easter.

My big organisation project has started. And I need to pull this semester off to get a merit level. I will have FIVE assignments as well, so it would be hard to juggle things up.

I will NOT:
- Comment on every entries you posted because I just wouldn't have the time to.
- Make icons/graphics.
- Do any subbing project. I'll leave that to my team.
- Be on LJ as often as I used to.
- Post scans.

What I will STILL do:
- I'll check heysay_fanfic and tadaiki_ai everyday because I'm the mod. Just to make sure things are as they supposed to be. In short, I will still check on posts and post picspam every Monday on tadaiki_ai.
- I will still read fanfictions, but not as often (it's not that I read them often anyway).
- Update my fanfictions. Because I'm just weird like that.

How to contact me:
- I'll be on MSN when I'm home.
- I'll be on YM when I'm on campus.
- PM me, I'll definitely reply you ASAP.
- Twitter. I'm on twitter as long as I'm AWAKE. For real.
- Facebook. I'll check facebook every now and then.
You can get my contact details here (It's a friends-locked post. If you're not my mutual friend, then you can only contact me by PM).

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