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  • 01:01:38: When there's nothing on the usual channels, Discovery always managed to wow me~ :3
  • 01:18:09: @Yumenata Lol Pauliina~. Can I continue calling you Vampiina now? :3
  • 01:44:42: I think I left my phone in my dad's room :/
  • 05:36:38: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: 清水翔太 (36), COMA-CHI (33) and Black Eyed Peas (32) http://bit.ly/9cxpjr
  • 11:00:00: I my weight scale is crazy. I shall get a new one.
  • 11:03:50: In a mission to find that picture @Taemione uses as her avatar. *stalks tumblr the whole day*
  • 11:11:49: I've tried my clothes... and for serious... I can still fit to them!! This scale doesn't make ANY SENSE AT ALL! D<
  • 11:33:13: I swear that this JongHo pic can be used as a movie cover. http://bit.ly/a0QOwV
  • 12:01:30: @mis_jelly You're not alone. (aka me too)
  • 12:10:59: I love you Hannah, but idk. I don't like this conversation we're having. I'm supposed to cheer you up but not helping when you're that way.
  • 12:13:08: Whatever... I'm signing out of AIM. I don't want to get mad at you when you actually need some support.
  • 12:16:39: @mis_jelly LOL. Well, I guess that makes your brain and my brain~ <3 *hi5*
  • 12:28:11: Work at 3pm. I love my job. It's so unpredictable (¬_¬")
  • 13:09:51: I feel the need to download Kreva new album. It has been a month.
  • 13:12:28: Ai collaborated with Kato Miliyah AND I DIDN"T KNOW ABOUT IT?!?! D<
  • 13:16:17: @zynzinnati OMG I LOVE IT ALREADY!! *__________* AI LOOKS SO AWESOME WITH THE LONG HAIR!! *____*
  • 13:16:55: Release date is 27th October 2010. SO I'M NOT ALL THAT LATE!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3
  • 13:18:40: Flailing over Ai and Kato Miliyah's duet with @zynzinnati . I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL!!! *___*
  • 13:22:56: @zynzinnati Oh sure sure~. Hmm.... Try COMA-CHI, Sakai Yu, Kreva, 童子-T, TARO SOUL, Baby M~ :3
  • 13:30:02: @zynzinnati Oh and AK-69. How can I forget about him~ :3
  • 13:30:38: @zynzinnati One more!! KEN THE 390. Although I have to warn you his rapping is kind of annoying sometimes. But he does have good songs~ :3
  • 13:33:19: @zynzinnati I don't know. I don't follow the Jurban Comm anymore since they died awhile ago. Not sure about now. I mostly follow blogs.
  • 13:35:26: Oh lord TARO SOUL. You and your dorkiness. LOL. http://bit.ly/clvxoB
  • 13:36:26: @zynzinnati I can always keep you updated on what's new~ :3 At least now I have someone to talk my J-Urban madness to! <3
  • 13:39:47: @zynzinnati Ah I see I see. Then I'll tell you when there's good ballad! :3 But yes. AI is just asdfghjkl; *________*
  • 13:45:56: Now I feel the need to start posting stuff at jurban_uploads
  • 13:48:14: #randomthought I wonder when I will have time for gym. Even when I have time I actually just roll around on my bed or play with my laptop
  • 13:48:35: Or watching TV.
  • 13:52:35: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: KAT-TUN (47), PIN.SET (42) & 清水翔太 (41) http://bit.ly/9cxpjr
  • 14:03:46: @zynzinnati LOL. We'll see.
  • 14:04:46: @Taemione I was ten I think. Not sure about others .___.
  • 14:12:41: @zynzinnati LOL. I'm uploading AI song that someone requested on jurban_uploads. It should be up tonight or something.
  • 14:21:07: @zynzinnati LOL. *keeps it* YOU'RE MINE!
  • 14:42:11: Oh the uploading is done. I think I should post it before I leave for work.
  • 18:43:58: The quality sucks though. I can't wait till the release day :\ Which is like next month.
  • 19:28:37: @Yumenata HIIIIIIIIIIIIII! <3
  • 19:38:32: Deleting posts on heysay_fanfic... DIE YOU BITCHES! DIE!
  • 19:41:19: @Yumenata LOL. Yes~. I've put a warning post for everyone before. So I'm not gonna show any mercy now! >3
  • 19:46:12: Oh Kitayama. Why so... awesome. LOL. http://bit.ly/dlGRkB
  • 19:52:19: @minhozomg I feel a very great sense of accomplishment deleting 'em all >3
  • 19:52:42: @aiko103 Nothing. Just normal stuff. I told them that I'm deleting any post that break the rules because warnings don't work anymore :3
  • 19:59:28: @aiko103 I didn't? O_o I thought I did send a pm. If it didn't get to u then myb my internet failed on me again ¬_¬ I did put an annoucement
  • 20:04:02: @aiko103 I will~ :3
  • 20:04:16: @yabuworthy You love aggressive me~
  • 20:12:15: @aiko103 I can totally understand.. don't worry too much about it.
  • 20:26:19: @rainbowpastels hey you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • 21:37:52: HERO ON CELESTIAL MOVIE!!!!! *watches*
  • 21:38:10: Kimutaku!! *_____*
  • 21:48:53: @RexyYoureSoSexy that sounds rather wrong somehow. LOL.
  • 22:08:34: I lol'ed so hard at @fushionista 's tweet on Taipi's icon. Taipi and narcissism are one entity!! Totally~.
  • 22:24:29: @fushionista LOL. Agree agree. :#
  • 22:26:00: @minhozomg Yeah. They do it so often like it's nobody's business. So I ended up telling everyone that I'm just gonna delete those posts.
  • 22:43:20: Gotta get this fic beta'd in abit.
  • 22:56:28: @alkoi It has 15 pages. :P
  • 23:16:46: @alkoi so my beta reader *cough cough* said she's gonna need one to two days to finish it. LOL. -pats Tina-
  • 23:18:44: @alkoi pray that she's gonna take less that that.. She's reading this conversation too. LOL.
  • 23:24:23: @alkoi LOL. I can't remember how this all started really. But I do remember you were the one that ended up getting so excited about it.
  • 23:32:06: HUAHAHAHAHAHA! YabuDai in the same page? Why I have feeling Archie gonna rant on it non stop tomorrow @yabuworthy
  • 23:45:50: That was a very satisfying toilet time :P
  • 23:52:33: @alkoi well... idk :P
  • 23:54:51: @alkoi GO SLEEP! D:
  • 23:57:17: And you're asking why I love HikaDai so much? http://yfrog.com/4oyf8p
  • 23:59:02: @fushionista Yes? :3

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