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  • 00:34:19: I don't like my internet tonight. It's being such a bitch.
  • 09:52:09: I left my AIM on the whole night. #fail @yabuworthy
  • 09:56:58: Chansung's mun is asking me if SHUN doesn't mind kittens. What's wrong with people and kittens?! LOL.
  • 09:59:15: One hour to gym.. holy fuck my thighs are hurting me :\ How am I gonna go through the day?
  • 10:05:14: Vickie Zhao why so pretty? *_______* Now that makes me want to watch Hua Mulan again.
  • 11:20:05: And of to the gym :3
  • 11:52:54: The three annoyying pretty chicks from yesterday is here too today. :////
  • 11:54:17: *annoying. Damn I can't type.
  • 12:26:21: Another one hour and half awesomeness :3
  • 12:33:10: Time to shower. And I'm slightly high because he said I'm quite toned for my size. ^~^
  • 12:52:48: I love my trainer, she texted me asking how much I've done today :3.
  • 12:54:19: And she sent me very cute good job emoticon!! *______*
  • 13:17:06: Okay shower done. All dressed up (other than my slippers) and waiting for my mum to pick me up from the gym for lunch :3
  • 13:25:26: @RexyYoureSoSexy GO EAT!! D:
  • 14:10:35: Ah! Damn it. Shut up!
  • 14:11:17: If only I have enough money to move out.
  • 15:08:47: To be honest.. I really miss those seven years I was away from home.
  • 19:40:30: Buffering Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso because I can't wait too long to download the whole thing. Satomi, WAIT FOR ME!! <3
  • 19:44:57: Part three is crap.. :\ *tries another mirror*
  • 19:53:20: Headache go away!! SHOOO SHOOOO! D<
  • 21:10:53: I suddenly don't want to go for Europe trip anymore.
  • 21:42:13: I'm laughing my ass off watching Satomi in this drama. Oh lord, if only I have a dick, I would marry her right away *__________*

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