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  • 09:28:38: At Consulaat Der Nederlanden for my Europe visa @yabuworthy
  • 09:36:48: Mum needs to stop bragging. I don't like when she's doing it. This dude wouldn't really care if you've been all around UK :/
  • 10:25:16: @lyricalkakumei that reminds me that I'm still not done downloading 8uppers D: -curses at Indonesian internet speed-
  • 10:27:06: Idk why dad dragged me with him to the office after the interview. My field work in this office has long done :/
  • 10:31:29: Sitting in dad's office doing nothing :////
  • 11:11:31: @hikapiee babi la.. yg ada betolkan aku.. semua salah aku dibuatnya.. semua salah aku. selalu salah aku. uda buang aja aku jadi anak lama2
  • 11:14:24: I wanna go... faraway.. idk.. just somewhere I can actually call home..
  • 11:16:05: @hikapiee biasala. aku jg yg disebut2 dibilang gk bersosialisasi la, berkomputer aja la, ngelawan aja la. mampus la. capek aku kyk gini trs.
  • 11:38:51: If only i have my passport with me now... i would have gone somewhere else.. idk.. this is not home.. this is NOT home.
  • 11:49:23: Fuck it. I'm gonna rant to Milton.
  • 11:53:09: Fuck you internet.. stop being such an ass.
  • 12:10:12: God bless you Shimizu Shota. Just what I need for a fucked up day like this http://community.livejournal.com/shota_shimizu/40632.html
  • 12:17:49: Deleting fucked up entries on heysay_fanfic makes my day feels SLIGHTLY better.
  • 12:29:37: Dude... idk how I can ever repay you. I'm sorry for forgetting your presence in my life for the past one year.
  • 12:50:08: I should just fades away for awhile... I think..
  • 13:12:40: bye twitter...
  • 15:37:34: Finsihing of Midarime Tantei EYE. I was only on episode 2. :P I'm sorry Yamada
  • 15:44:35: I forgot how much I ship Satomi Yamada.
  • 16:48:18: Shintaro~ <3
  • 17:04:40: @Yumenata @alkoi that's a really good question, Pauliina. LOL.
  • 17:14:05: @alkoi @Yumenata we all know you long enough to know your sleeping habit. LOL.
  • 17:19:50: YOKOYAMA! Asdfghjkl; Why are you so good looking playing the villain? Yokoyama Yuu = Villain that you would want to sleep with. Just saying.
  • 17:21:14: MY HIGHSCHOOL!! *____* RT @hikapiee: Is waiting for tante tina @imMira's mom (@ Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar) http://4sq.com/9puevD
  • 17:30:25: @alkoi @Yumenata even you know that we shall not have faith in you in this case. LOL.
  • 18:16:28: @Yumenata auto car? I LOVE AUTO CAR!! *_______* -will never change to stick car no matter what*
  • 18:27:08: Haruna Ai why so pretty? *______*
  • 18:33:44: It's only a drama Kiki. Don't get to work out about it. LOL.
  • 18:35:40: *too worked out
  • 18:40:36: asdfghjkl;asdfghjkl;zxcvbnmqwertyuiop[!@T&*$(hgadkfjlgnasdg; KIKI, YOU DIDNT JUST THINK THAT THIS SCENE IS SO SWEET!!!! ARGH!!!
  • 18:45:11: @badbatazz she's just so lovely *______* Haruna Aiiiii~ *grabby hands*
  • 18:45:46: Hi, my name is Kiki. I'm twenty two years old and I'm NOT a pedophile. *cough cough*
  • 18:49:27: @shiroikazex I swear I'm not a pedophile~~~~~ :3333333333 *blinks innocently*
  • 18:49:52: I've lost count of how many posts I've deleted in heysay_fanfic
  • 18:53:27: @shiroikazex who is it who?
  • 18:55:50: @shiroikazex Oh no one xP. Nt interested in a relationship as for nw. I ws js talking abt how sweet I found Yamada and Satomi in this drama.
  • 19:05:39: @shiroikazex erm.. no one? LOL. I'm just watching hidarime atm. :P
  • 19:08:11: @shiroikazex I gave up on ep2. And the DVD ws on sale, so I bought it, it gets interesting somehow. I'm watching bcs of Satomi though. LOL.
  • 19:12:10: @shiroikazex She is *____* She's like my all time fav actress!!
  • 19:13:39: @shiroikazex Hohohohohoho. Come come come to the dark side~ >3 Although I have to say that she's MINE!!! xP
  • 19:15:32: @shiroikazex I would recommend you to watch Puzzle and her latest drama. Just plain amusing~ :3
  • 19:24:37: @tonbo LOL. I'm thinking of doing it too, but I'm not sure what to do with it DD:
  • 19:26:41: @tonbo LOL. I think I should wait until people drag me there. LOL
  • 19:28:33: Photo: hibinoasami: I can’t ignore the fact that Yabu and Daiki are next to each other and leaning against... http://tumblr.com/xevn49708
  • 19:31:15: Photo: kazejin: http://tumblr.com/xevn49hen
  • 19:31:52: @Yumenata @tonbo someone convince me to make DW too, please? >___<
  • 19:36:56: Photo: hildaak: Oh Lord, Koki. LOL http://tumblr.com/xevn4a2qy
  • 19:39:27: @Yumenata then then?
  • 19:47:54: SOMEONE INVITE ME TO DW NOW!! Dx
  • 20:07:07: One of this day, I'm suing my internet provider.
  • 20:12:32: Photo: [ cloud overview | get your own cloud ] This is a Tumblr Cloud I generated from my blog posts between... http://tumblr.com/xevn4dvxf
  • 20:16:41: Oh hi Crystal Key *___*
  • 20:17:09: *Kay
  • 20:27:09: @aiko103 oh that would totally help. I still haven't had the time to go back to ti >< But I'll let you know once I'm back to it! :3
  • 20:31:14: I'm DONE with Hidarime Maitante EYE!! :3

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