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  • 00:41:23: Internet nt working so I ended up watching Himitsu no Arashichan that I havent watched on my harddisk. Nw my stomach is painful frm laughter
  • 11:35:20: 9 hours of sleep never felt this good. Now get ready for work... and gym later on >3
  • 11:39:23: @RexyYoureSoSexy D: Don't be!! It's just because I've gained like 8kg over the whole summer and early autumn, so i have to get rid of it >_<
  • 11:40:21: Aerofight? Sounds so awesome!! *______* Dessy needs to stop suggesting all this weirdnamed work out.
  • 11:45:19: @RexyYoureSoSexy that's because you don't eat!! D: I love food no matter where I am. Kiki + food = one entity. LOL
  • 11:49:53: @RexyYoureSoSexy you sure? You often forget to eat! D< LOL. I got that a lot. We are like twins with diff faces and have diff fate.
  • 11:53:24: @Taemione @colossalosses LOL! That conversation made me lol.
  • 11:56:05: Mum "Do you want to give some of these to your british friends?" Me, "I have only one british friends."
  • 11:56:11: Mum, "So the rest?" Me, "Europeans and a Venezuelan :\ I told you before"
  • 11:56:57: Mum, "But you lived in England!" Me, "Doesn't mean that my friends are british or english! D< Oh.. I have two." Mum, "There you go."
  • 11:58:08: Idk whether i like it better when we're fighting or when we're not. :\
  • 12:00:59: ............................................................................ whatever... I've tried. I shall not bother anymore.
  • 12:05:41: No, Kiki. If someone doesn't want to be your friend anymore. Just don't bother. You've tried. So yeah.
  • 12:11:11: off to work. whatever.
  • 12:34:53: It's sad when you like someone, and the feeling is not mutual it seems. Friendship-wise, btw.
  • 12:38:17: Oh that was quick. I shall go home, grab my stuff, and gym!! *___*
  • 13:00:06: and off to gym~ :3
  • 13:06:31: Traffic jam. Asdfghjkl; oh come on people!!
  • 15:02:58: Justin Bieber's song in the gym. I laughed, and Desi was like "O___o why are you laughing?"
  • 15:25:01: @RexyYoureSoSexy it was hilarious. I just told her that Baby Baby Baby song is just laughable somehow. LOL.
  • 15:25:33: Shower~
  • 15:43:16: @RexyYoureSoSexy that, my friend, is really true. LOL!
  • 15:59:07: @RexyYoureSoSexy .__. I just finished getting dressed. Just got out of the shower when you replied me. LOL.
  • 16:04:38: @RexyYoureSoSexy you stalker. LOL. I'm honoured that I have a stalker xP
  • 16:33:28: Half a kg in like erm... four days? I hope I can make it before graduation Dx GANBATTE KIKI!!
  • 16:43:23: @yabuworthy welcome to the color lenses world!! >3
  • 16:45:31: Waiting for my turn at Erha. I want my bed! Today's weight training was insane. I have feeling that my muscles would go all painful tomorrow
  • 17:16:01: @yabuworthy it doesn't make a diff for me because I can't never have my eyes that light. LOL. -runs- but it suits the hair :3
  • 17:18:10: @yabuworthy *i can never
  • 17:27:41: I just yawned. D: come on people! Faster!!
  • 17:38:58: @shiroikazex that's bcs yabu's bday is on january thus he got to enter e academic year before inoo n takaki. School starts on spring in jap.
  • 17:44:09: @shiroikazex late march no? :) the academic year should be when march starts or something if I'm not mistaken.
  • 17:47:00: Is thinking what to have for dinner. Hmmmm.
  • 17:48:40: @shiroikazex I js check, it's actually early april. I guess it's takaki didn't have time to apply and all since he's on late march.
  • 19:09:37: OH! A post in heysay_fanfic to delete!! <3 -evil mod-
  • 19:13:30: I can't wait to get my hand on this!! *________* This is SO KAT-TUN!!! -dies- http://youtu.be/sV_fRuFBQ5s
  • 19:25:33: This HikaDai is really adorable somehow http://bit.ly/9d1vu0
  • 19:53:07: @fushionista what are you talking about? I'm online?
  • 19:55:07: @fushionista I AM!! IMMA POKE YOU NOW!
  • 19:58:05: Big bang's comeback big bang's comeback big bang's comeback.... FOR REAL PEOPLE?!?! I didn't even know that they were gone! So stop! D<
  • 20:22:22: I hate going to tumblr lately because everyone keeps on posting all this skinny girls pictures... makes me feel sorry for being fat :\
  • 22:37:09: Is internet hating me at the moment? Like again? :\
  • 22:56:38: Time to watch my face and brush my teeth :3
  • 23:15:44: I should be sleeping, but I have this one HnA that I haven't watched on my harddisk. *tempted*
  • 23:26:57: @yabuworthy LOL! Show me pic!!!

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