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just because i havent made any oneshot lately!!!
i actually just drabbled around while waiting for my flight about a month ago during my hiatus.. then after i reread it, it's actually worth being posted.. well somehow.. hahaha..

Title : HSB Thoughts (one-shot)
Author : [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Character : HSB-centric, hints of HikaInoo and TaDaiki
Rating : PG-13
Words Count : 776 (surprisingly)
Disclaimer : i only own the plot..
Summary : Hikaru got ignored, Inoo giggled at the wrong time, Yabu was sick of fatherhood, Daiki was a pervert, Takaki could only sighed. (I'm getting worse at writing summary).
A.N. : it's un-beta'ed.. it's really short, for me personally..

I need to find out! )
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i'm so sleepy.. i've checked the grammar once.. and sorry if i missed anything.. will fix it up later on.. *yawns*..

Title : Soap Opera Does Happen (chapter 3/?)
Author : [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Pairing : TaDaiki (Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki)
Rating : PG-13
Words Count : 2,509
Disclaimer : i only own the plot..
Summary : A little fight on the bed; jealous Takaki; Daiki wanted to know what he tasted; and this summary sucks to the max..
A.N. : it's un-beta'ed..

( Chapter 1: The Closet Incident )
( Chapter 2: Covering Up )
Chapter 3: It Tasted Sweet )
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being sick is boring..
my mom and my sister are currently out, having some fun out there.. T__T
so i decided to make some icons.. nothing really great, but hope u like them..

*Hey!Say!JUMP [20]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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made some icons today..
just because i got sick wit my icon again
hope u like them!

*NewS - [21]
*Hey!Say!JUMP - [34]
*Yamashita Shoon - [02]

keeconk_chinen01 keeconk_massu02 keeconk_shoon01

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i made 7 wallpapers since, well again, i was so bored today.. it's exactly two weeks since my summer holiday started, and i still have about 14 more weeks to go!! oh my god!

anyway, hope you like them.. i put them into 2 sizes..

* Hey!Say!JUMP [1]
* Arioka Daiki [1]
* Inoo Kei [1]
* Takaki Yuya [1]
* Yaotome Hikaru [1]
* Yabu Kota [1]
* Morimoto Ryutaro [1]


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i made abput 50+ icons.. i spent the whole day making them since i was so bored.. i'm a bit bias.. so sorry!! but well, hope u like them!

* KAT-TUN - [18]
* NewS - [17]
* Hey!Say!JUMP - [13]
* Yamashita Shoon - [03]


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