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I'm going back to England (yaaaaaay!) for a couple of days (booooo) but then I have trip around Europe too, so I'll be away for about two weeks. I'm leaving on Sunday, but I'm taking the hiatus now because I need to pack.

So I will be away from 26th November - 12th December.

It might be a bit longer, but depend on the jet lag. It shouldn't be a problem though, since the most I'd do is like staying up till morning because of the time difference.

I totally copied and pasted the hiatus announcement from my hiatus post in Akiba. LOL.
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As expected... I can't cope.

I'll be on hiatus again.. until I know that I'm free.
At least for another two weeks.

Add me on twitter, facebook, ym, or msn to stay in touch.
Check the details on my contact post.

And Dress Blues... has only two pages and a half so far.
I'll try to finish it.
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Okay, I'm officially back!!
However, it would take me some time to be back to my usual speed of checking updates on LJ.
I'll do my best to check my f-list one by one, but please do forgive me if I accidentally missed your journal.
Will be working on Dress Blues chapter 5 tomorrow because I still need to finalise my assignment today.
But I'll be fully back before you know it! &hearts

And if you added me and I haven't added you back, that means you haven't commented on my Friends Only post.
Please go to that post (it's the very first post when you open my LJ), and comment there.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 06:40 pm
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For how long?
Maybe until early APRIL. Might be extended, but it would be depend on how busy I would be on Easter.

My big organisation project has started. And I need to pull this semester off to get a merit level. I will have FIVE assignments as well, so it would be hard to juggle things up.

I will NOT:
- Comment on every entries you posted because I just wouldn't have the time to.
- Make icons/graphics.
- Do any subbing project. I'll leave that to my team.
- Be on LJ as often as I used to.
- Post scans.

What I will STILL do:
- I'll check heysay_fanfic and tadaiki_ai everyday because I'm the mod. Just to make sure things are as they supposed to be. In short, I will still check on posts and post picspam every Monday on tadaiki_ai.
- I will still read fanfictions, but not as often (it's not that I read them often anyway).
- Update my fanfictions. Because I'm just weird like that.

How to contact me:
- I'll be on MSN when I'm home.
- I'll be on YM when I'm on campus.
- PM me, I'll definitely reply you ASAP.
- Twitter. I'm on twitter as long as I'm AWAKE. For real.
- Facebook. I'll check facebook every now and then.
You can get my contact details here (It's a friends-locked post. If you're not my mutual friend, then you can only contact me by PM).

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