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i was trying to find any idea for a new multi-chap fanfiction, but i ended up being too frustrated and decided to watch Your Seed PV the Making again..

i ended up getting some idea for a one shot story on HikaKeito pairing.. ROFL..
don't kill me if this is lame..

Title : Behind the Scene (OneShot)
Author : [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Pairing : Yaotome Hikaru x Okamoto Keito
Rating : PG
Words Count : 2,440
Disclaimer : not mine, obviously..
Summary : four times hikaru tried his best to catch keito's attention when they were filming their PV, and one time he wasn't really trying..
A.N. : it's unbeta-ed.. and it has tonssss of Your Seed PV the Making spoilers.. it will make even more sense if you've watched the Making..

I can have a massive nosebleed like right now! )
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i made a hikaru x keito fic..
finally!! i just couldnt wait until keito got legal..
hahaha.. just a short one though..
and just because i think there's a lack of hikakeito fic lately

Title : When Hikaru Was Bored (One Shot)
Author : [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Pairing : Yaotome Hikaru x Okamoto Keito
Rating : PG
Genre : Fluff?!
Disclaimer : i shall not say more..
Summary : hikaru decided that Keito would be his next prank victim..
A.N. : it's unbeta-ed.. and dun hate me if it sucks.. fluff is not my genre..

“Keito! Can you help me with my English homework?” )

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