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never in my life, i ever thought of doing a friends cut.. but i'm having difficulty on keeping up with updates of my friends list.. and most of them just never actually talked to me.. i ended up didn't bother checking my friend page everyday.. more into, when i have time then only i'll check it out.. i have about 89 mutual friends at the moment!

i dun want this to happen of course.. because reading the comments on my SFO post, most of them always put at the end something like this -> "let's be friends ne!".. i dun see how it's possible to be friends with each other when we never actually talked to each other!!

If you are in any of the following categories.. then you are in danger of being cut..

1. Never ever commented on any of my post right after i added you back.
2. Didn't even bother to reply me when i commented on your post.
3. Bashing over my works!!! Although let say we talk often, but u keep bashing over my works.. i'll be terribly pissed! i dedicate my free time on my fanfictions and graphics.. i dun expect anyone to bash around like he/she has nothing else to do..
4. Haven't talked to me in such a long long long time!!

click here to know what u need to do to prevent urself from being cut!! )

i'm keeping this post public to prevent any future random adds.. i hate random adds.. they scare me..
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i'm not good at lying.. really.. i'm not..
i seriously need to learn how to lie..
i js reallise that sometimes being honest could hurt people around you..
i don't want to hurt anybody..
especially those i cherish the most..
especially the person i love the most..
i need to shut my big mouth up..

i hate myself for doing what i did..
and i realise sorry is not enough..

i never feel so god damn guilty in my entire life..


Nov. 9th, 2008 01:10 pm
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Glitter Words

i'll be on hiatus.. for i dunnoe how long.. a week.. mostly..
this is an emo hiatus i think..
i js need to take a break..
from everything.. not js LJ..
maybe i js need to calm myself down.. dat's all really..

my eyes are red, and i cried non-stop since last night..
alot happened, and i think they are js overloading in my head..
life in general, uni stuff, my cultural society thingy, friends around me, my love..
i dunnoe.. unless i can rape daiki rit now, i dun think i'll feel better.. (lame joke while emoing?!?!?! yeah.. watever kiki.. but hey! i even put glittery hiatus sign js to cheer myself up.. giv me credit for at least trying..)

bt i'll be online on YM, js like usual, every day..
js in case u want to say hi or js to have a normal conversation..
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the kiki at the end of Karakurakiki has nothing to do with me!!
it just happens that kiki here means crisis (karakukurakiki = karakura crisis).

I'm advertising this RP Community on their behalf. The RPG will start on the 23rd August 2008. The RP Community will be [livejournal.com profile] karakurakiki, while the OOC Community for it will be [livejournal.com profile] karakurakikiooc.


an AU RP community based on Bleach

click here for the history )

Application (Claiming Your Character)
Info & FAQs

If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

P.S. the last time i checked;
- Yamada, Keito, Ryutaro, Chinen, Yabu, Hikaru, and Inoo from HSJ are still available for claim..
- Massu from NewS is still available for claim..
- Koki, Nakamaru, and Ueda form KAT-TUN are still available for claim..
- Everyone but Ohkura and Ryo from Kanjani8 is still available for claim..
- Everyone but Sakurai Sho from Arashi is still available for claim..
- and tons of other non-JE actors and actresses to claim..

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