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from now onwards i will post my fanfiction works in [livejournal.com profile] brawlofavidity.. i will be no longer posting any fanfiction in this account..

if u only wanted to read my fanfiction and not my personal entries.. feel free to join the community..


from the following fanfictions onwards, i'll be posting my writing in [livejournal.com profile] brawlofavidity.. please do read the rules on the profile page of the community..

Title: Sixes and Sevens (Chapter 2/?)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Characters: Ryutaro’s centric, TaDaiki (hints)
Rating: PG
Gender: Crack, Fluff
Disclaimer: Daiki is my husband. Takaki is my secret lover. Ryutaro is my lovely son that I’m not even sure who the dad is. Of course all of this is just in my dream.. XD
Summary: Being adopted is what all orphans have in mind. Ryutaro dreamed the exact same thing since he was little. A nice loving happy family, with all the laughter and smiles they would have everyday. Or that was what he had in mind, until he was adopted by a gay couple.
A.N.: it’s unbeta’ed.. AU and some OOC.. and the ages are js simply messed up.. it was just my poor hectic mind on crack when writing this.. you’ve been warned..

( Chapter 1: My Hectic Family )
( Chapter 2: My Hectic Morning )
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because i finally face reality and moved on that it will only be hikaru and yabu..
and i need to realised that whatever happened, it's actually for the best..
it always does for the best.. somehow..

Title : It Did Feel Like
Author : [livejournal.com profile] keeconk
Pairing : Yabu-centric, Yamabu
Rating : PG
Words Count : 1,640
Disclaimer : i only own the plot..
Summary : Yabu finds it hurts to think of it, let alone talk about it.. he's blaming himself, and Hikaru insists that Yabu shall not cry this time.. and this summary sucks..
A.N. : it's unbeta-ed..

It was because they had been through so much that Yabu couldn’t help it but blaming himself about the whole thing. )

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